Bathroom Access Coalition

Bathroom Access Coalition

Bathroom Access Coalition Logo: Image of a smiling cartoon toilet with images of fists on the toilet lid. Text reads "Bathroom Access is a Human Right" and

Everyone deserves the right to a dignified place to use the bathroom. There are very few public bathrooms to begin with, and too often the ones that are available are locked. 

The Bathroom Access Coalition is a group of concerned community members, as well as grassroots collectives and direct service organizations, including social workers, business owners, residents, and service providers. We are dedicated to making all public bathrooms, particularly public park bathrooms, accessible and safe for all Tucson community members.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month virtually at 4pm. For information on how to join, please email

Steps for an Adopt Your Park Bathroom Campaign
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1) Attend a Bathroom Access Coalition meeting (if you want, no pressure!), where we can strategize about how to support your effort.  Here is our email address for getting in touch:

2) Collect information for some period of time (e.g. one month) on whether the bathroom is open, clean, and stocked 

o    Red: closed Yellow: open but broken/not stocked/dirty Green: open, stocked and functioning.

  • Note if there are times the bathroom is specifically open and stocked (e.g. during sporting events that indicates that it CAN be open and stocked but is not prioritized for the general public)

3) Think about other groups or residents who may also use the park and the park bathroom who would have an interest in an accessible bathroom (sports teams, groups that bring children to the park, local residents).  Building a highly local coalition is powerful.

Promote the lack of access on social media (Example from Estavan ParkAnother Example from Estevan Park

4) Follow up with City, Parks Department and Ward Office members. 

  • Send a letter that requests/demands open and stocked bathrooms. We have an example you can use. 
  • Create a call in campaign asking for the bathrooms to be open and stocked
  • Inquire with the Parks Department about their understanding of when the bathroom should be open and stocked, and who has keys/direct access other than Parks

5) Throw an event at your bathroom to either celebrate improved service/accessibility or to highlight continued lack of accessibility (We had a party with music, food, and drinks at Estevan Park)

6) Send gestures of appreciation to relevant Ward or Parks Dept staff who are responsible for improved access at your park. 

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Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we do not provide legal services or housing assistance. Please visit our resource page for organizations that provide direct assistance.

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