About Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice

About TAHJ

The Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice is a coalition of community members and organizations working to address the inadequate supply of affordable and accessible housing, prevent the displacement of households, and reduce the deep racial and ethnic inequalities in housing and ownership in our community.

We formed in 2021 in response to the eviction crisis during COVID and continue to build together for longer-term, systemic solutions for housing justice.

Mission Statement

The Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice shifts mindsets and practices around renting, real estate, and property ownership to prioritize sustainable and equitable relationships with people and the planet.

We acknowledge that all efforts are happening on colonized Indigenous land, and that the colonial roots of property ownership are inherently damaging. We explicitly support restorative efforts such as LandBack.

We also believe that within our current system, property ownership and community control of land can support the security and self-determination of our communities. Housing is a human right and we believe that with cooperation, strategy and support, together we can end the housing crisis.

Join the Alliance


Do you want to get more involved in efforts to promote housing justice in our community? If so, yes! We would love your support.

Join the Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice listserv through the form below. We encourage you to also write to tucsonhousingjustice@gmail.com and let us know a little about yourself and what you are interested in working on so we can follow up with a more personalized conversation about various ongoing projects and ideas about which local efforts might be a good match for your skills and interests.

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Member Organizations of the Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice
Are you involved in a group or organization working on issues related to housing justice in our community? First, thank you for your important work! A primary goal of TAHJ is to succeed in achieving real structural change in our housing market by leveraging the combined power of multiple organizations in our community.

As various opportunities and challenges arise we are all more likely to succeed if we are pushing together and in the same direction. By participating in TAHJ we can promote and amplify your organization’s work, keep one another informed about important developments and events, and build a stronger and broader community of allies.

If your organization or group is interested in becoming a member of the Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice, please fill out the contact form below with your organization name, your organization's point of contact, and a few words about why your organization/group would like to be a member of the alliance. We will follow up to discuss how we might support one another.

Member Organizations of the Tucson Alliance for Housing Justice include: Splinter Collective, Tucson Tenants Union, Tucson for Everyone,  Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, Favor Celestial, and Casa Maria.
Support the Alliance!
Don’t have the time or ability to attend meetings or work on various campaigns, but you still want to support these efforts? Consider donating to support our work. (Donation receipts for the IRS are available upon request)

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that we do not provide legal services or housing assistance. Please visit our resource page for organizations that provide direct assistance.

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